Madiston Crowdfunding Engine (MCF)

MCF is a peer-to-peer platform that enables the creation of online exchanges, bringing both consumers and corporates together in open markets that are easy-to-use, transparent and capable of matching the most advantageous arrangements for the parties involved. It is the “engine” that drives Madiston’s P2P applications and includes the common elements necessary for peer-to-peer lending, such as:

  • Security controls for approvals and authority levels
  • Customer database management
  • Interfaces to credit referencing and fraud data systems
  • Payment system interfaces including direct debits/credits, BACS, bank transfer, PayPal, credit and debit cards
  • Automated transaction processing
  • Loan reporting, drill down enquiries and audit trails
  • Interfaces to debt collection agencies
  • Marketing resources like blogs and forums
  • Alternative currency and language facilities

Madiston CrowdFunding, an integrated system

Why choose Madiston CrowdFunding software?

You will save time, you will save money and our platform can be configured to reflect your P2P business model of choice without the need to modify the software.

Confidence in our standards. The Peer-to-Peer Finance Association is the trade body maintaining standards in the P2P Lending industry and we joined them before we were launched to prove our commitment to quality software and services.

Our software is compliant with the new FCA regulations in the UK. We know because, as part of the P2PFA, we were involved in the consultation process with the Financial Conduct Authority for the Regulation introduced in April 2014.

If you are thinking about launching a peer-to-peer business there is much to think about, not least regulation, finance, business model and strategy. If you’re considering whether to “buy or build” your P2P Lending Platform, then contact us so we can understand your business requirements and position MCF accordingly.