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Welcome to our LendLoanInvest.co.uk website. If you continue to browse this site you are agreeing to be bound by our Website Use Terms and Conditions as set out below.

This is the Agreement between the Borrower and the Lender for each individual loan slice resulting from a successful lender Bid.

  1. 1) Bids cannot be withdrawn.
2) The money amount that you Bid will be reserved from your Account ready to be lent out to the Borrower, until 48 hours after the Loan Request duration ends, unless:
a) your Bid is bumped-off (i.e. the interest rate is under-bid) by another lender, or
b) after the Loan Request duration ends, and before 48 hours has expired, the Borrower declines the Loan,in which case the money is made available in your Account  for you to bid on another Loan Request.
3) A part of the money amount of your Lending Bid, rather than the full amount, may be used to make up the full Loan amount depending on all other Bids. In this case the balance of the money is made available in your Account for you to bid on another Loan Request.
4) Before you confirm your Bid consider:
a) the Borrower’s credit rating,
b) whether the Borrower can afford to repay the loan amount, making their repayment instalments from their personal income only.
c) the Borrower’s stability of employment and residence. Consider the risk of the Borrower’s employment terminating.
d) the correct amount and interest rate to Bid based on your own assumption of the risks involved.
e) making Bids of smaller amounts to spread the risk amongst many Borrowers.
5) You pay fees on the amounts you lend to Borrowers as follows:-
a) The flat Lender’s Fee is deducted for each successful Bid when the money is lent to the Borrower;
b) The percentage Lender’s Fee is accrued on a daily basis and deducted monthly from your account balance.
Details of the Fees are set out in the Fees section of the Site.
6) In deciding to make your Bid, you agree that you fully understand, and are relying exclusively, on the information in the Loan Request supplied by:
a) the Borrower, and
b) the Credit Reference Agency, having been presented in a summarised fashion in the Credit Stars;
7) Before you confirm your Bid refer to the Loan Agreement Terms & Conditions.
8) If you think there is something incorrect or suspicious about this Request then do not confirm your bid and email us immediately at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to report the Request.

These are the Terms and Conditions governing the making of Bids by lenders.

Please read in detail and comply with these rules before using and/or posting on the Forum. 

We wish to ensure that users may enjoy the benefits of this site confidently, knowing that their data and transactions are secure.