Flexible peer to peer lending & borrowing.
Your money, your way.
Put your money to work, helping creditworthy borrowers
  • Lend from £10 on loans from 12 months to 60 months
  • Interest quoted is what you receive (no fees to deduct)
  • Repayments and interest paid monthly or re-invested
  • Withdraw money from your holding account free of charge
  • Need your money back? Earlier access possible through Secondary Market (small fee)
  • Capital at risk - money lent out is not covered by FSCS
*This is the best rate offered for lenders using EasyLend, annualised with reinvestment at the same rate and assumes the compensation scheme covers any default. This rate is net of platform costs but lenders are responsible for their own tax. Rates vary with market forces. We advise our current rate on your lending home page.

Current return*
Understand the risks...
  • Like most investments, your capital is at risk when lent out
  • Peer to Peer Lending is not covered by Financial services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and
How Madiston LendLoanInvest is working hard for you
  • completing credit reference, affordability and identity checks on every borrower
  • running our own Compensation Scheme to help if a borrower defaults
  • helping to beat fraud as members of CIFAS, the UK's fraud prevention organisation
  • maintaining high standards - regulated and authorised by the FCA
“Just a note to express my gratitude to all at Madiston for the excellent service you provide to Lenders on the LendLoanInvest website.” David from Tunbridge Wells (lender)
Use EasyLend for simplicity and speed... earning interest in minutes

Advanced lending facilities for experienced investors:
  • Tools to help you improve your return
  • Multiple lending portfolios with granular lending controls
  • Automated bidding to ensure you are in competitive loans
  • Buy and sell loan parts in the Secondary Market
What a lender said about us...
"Just a note to express my gratitude to all at Madiston for the excellent service you provide to Lenders on the LendLoanInvest website. Your communications are second to none and the product offered a model of how a Peer2Peer company can help both Borrowers and Lenders in these challenging times, offering reasonable rates to the former and good returns to the latter. The website is comprehensive, clear, precise and easy to navigate. The Devil is quoted as being in the detail, and you certainly provide more than suffcient in order for people to make an informed judgement on what is on offer."
David, Tunbridge Wells
Its your money, your way
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