Flexible peer to peer lending & borrowing
Your money, your way

 How to borrow from real people in 4 easy steps

It's our mission to help you get a loan from real people (not banks) and that way you get the best rates available! These lenders are helping you at the same time you are helping them. Click through the tabs below to see our 4 easy steps to getting a loan, and then create an account to get started.

Step 1

Decide how much you want to borrow ...

... the period over which you'd like the loan to run, and the interest rate that you are prepared to pay. 
We recommend that you use the Loan Calculator to help you decide.

Step 2

Create your loan request

Then decide whether your Loan Request is for the open Bidding Market or anonymous Matching Market. 
Even in the open Bidding Market your identity and personal details are not disclosed.
We'll do your ID verification & credit reference checks.

Step 3

Lenders compete to satisfy your loan, driving down the interest rate

Lenders bid against each other so they can stay part of your loan, reducing the interest rate offered.
The result is you get the best rate the lenders are prepared to offer.

Step 4

You get your loan (at lower cost than from a bank)

If you don't like the interest rate offered by your lenders, you don't have to accept the loan.
The fixed monthly repayment instalments are collected by direct debit.
You can shorten the repayment period or repay the loan in full at any time (a small charge applies to 
make it fair for both borrowers and lenders).