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Borrowing Accounts

Logged in > Borrower Menu > My Borrowing Account.
With a new active Loan Request, not showing any bids as yet, the display will show as follows:

Borrowing Account

When the loan is fully funded it will show under the heading ACTIONS REQUIRED as a LOAN REQUEST NEEDS ACTION:

Borrowing Account2

For Acceptance or Decline of a loan please refer to Accept (or Decline) a Loan Offer
When the loan has been accepted, and the loan disbursed you will have a disply in the following form.

Borrowing Account3

If you click on the title of the loan it will show in this form:

Borrowing Account4

Borrowing Account5 

The top section shows the key details of the loan.
Next the individual loan slices from the different lenders are shown. Note each loan slice has its own CONTRACT. That is the Loan Contract, the binding agreement between you as the borrower and that particular lender.
Next is shown the repayment plan, you need to scroll this display to see all of the repayments.
Then follows the LOAN ACCOUNT STATEMENT, which shows the accounting details of the laon and each fee charged and each repayment made. It will also flag if any repayments are missed and the overall status of the loan.


Next, if you click the link to REVIEW LOAN INSTALMENT REPAYMENTS as shown above you will see the Direct Debits and the date that they will be taken from your account:

Borrowing Account6