Flexible peer to peer lending & borrowing
Your money, your way

How to lend to real people (not banks) in 4 easy steps

It's our mission to help you lend your money to real people (not banks) and get the best rates available! You are also helping those people to whom you lend. Click through the tabs below to see our 4 easy steps to lending and then create an account to get started.

Step 1

Decide the interest rate you want ...

... and how much you want to lend and for how long. You will receive a better rate lending direct to other people.

Step 2

Decide to use AutoLend or select your borrowers' loans

You decide whether to select loans yourself (Bidding market) or use AutoLend, the automated matching facility (Matching market). We'll do all the ID verification and credit referencing for you. Only credit-worthy borrowers are approved.

Step 3

Your money is matched with creditworthy borrowers

... either automatically, with the Autolend facility, or manually with the borrowers you have specifically chosen.

Step 4

Your money is lent out (getting you a better return than from a bank)

Your Loan Book shows how much you've lent out, how much is still available for lending & what return you are getting. The repayment instalments are collected by direct debit & credited to your account each month.