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We wish to ensure that users may enjoy the benefits of this site confidently, knowing that their data and transactions are secure.


Here are some of the many things that we have done to make your data and transactions secure:-

Extended Secure Sockets Layer
On this website we have implemented Extended SSL - Secure Sockets Layer encryption from GlobalSign. On the pages that require a high level of security you will see the familiar padlock and the Company name and location followed by "https://" showing in green to confirm the secure status of the page:


GlobalSignESSL                                         GlobalSignDetails


GlobalSign say "Extended Validation SSL provides a higher level of trust and assurance than standard SSL Certificates, helping you prove you're not one of the increasing number of fraudulent or copycat websites targeting online shoppers. GlobalSign's Extended Validation SSL Certificate is called ExtendedSSL, and ExtendedSSL customers are authenticated to the highest industry standards. When visitors visits a website protected by ExtendedSSL, the address bar turns green and your organization name is displayed in the browser interface. Higher trust means more confidence in your website, and more confidence means more converting visitors to sales!"

Our GlobalSign Certificate may be checked out by clicking on the GlobalSign badge on any of our web pages.

SecureLive Anti-Hacker System
On this website we have also implemented the SecureLive Anti-Hacker protection system.



From their web site "SecureLive is based on four fundamental pillars of security;
(1) Real-time continuous scanning to identify attacks at any time,
(2) block those attacks utilizing a global intelligence base
(3) alert designated IT staff, admins, website owners, etc.
(4) case file construction and information gathering and submission to appropriate authority and agencies to stop and shut down your hackers."


The system is artificial intelligence capable and adjusts our security settings automatically to become smarter. SecureLive incorporates Software Bots, Artificial Intelligence Technology, Complete Covert Data Acquisition, Existing Global Hacking Knowledge-base, Live Human Intervention, Smart Real-Time Diagnostics and the Automation of SecureLive to pack four separate systems into one for a complete rounded solution to today's security threats; scanning, blocking, alerting and reporting.

For for more information go to http://www.securelive.net/ .

Registration & User ID Verification & Security

There are numerous things that we do to ensure all users have a safe and enjoyable experience using this site, free of the threat of fraud or identity theft.

At registration we look up any submitted addresses against the Credit Reference Agency (CRA) database for validation. Bank details are checked against a bank details database for accuracy and facilities, for example, that the account supports direct debit function. We encrypt stored bank details. Numerous other items are checked in a similar way.

When a borrower submits a Loan Request we conduct numerous checks before referring to our CRA, Equifax.

We also check against INSIGHT, the database maintained by the CRAs to record  credit performance data from all the credit industry, users, banks, CRAs and debt collectors, etc., who share such data.

Being members of CIFAS, the UK's Fraud Prevention Service, we also make enquiries on their database containing over half a million records of frauds, attempted frauds and victims of fraud or attempted fraud.

We also run a series of checks and tests to ascertain, for example:

i) that any bank details supplied actually belong to those who supplied those details.

ii) that the supplier of a residence address actually resides at the address supplied.

We also may require documents for verification and validation, such as bank statement, payslip, utility bills, passport or photo driving licence, 

For lenders, we are obliged to conduct identity checks and tests in accordance with our HMCE Money Laundering registration obligations, we refer to these our Anti Money Laundering or AML Verifications. These may involve the request of documents and some or all of those verifications mentioned above.


If there are any user transgressions uncovered during the above tests and checks, we will endeavour to clarify the situation. However we are obliged to report any incident to the various authorities and we suspend users from using the website in these circumstances.


Site Operational Security

The operational security of the site is multi-faceted, including the following:

  • Automated Backups 
  • Mail Foundry anti-virus scanning
  • Continual component updates
  • Extension vulnerability checks
  • Event log
  • Access permissions levels & checks
  • Dual approvals, and
  • Administration email notifications. 

For a complete analysis of the site risks and their mitigations please refer to our "Risks & Mitigations" article.


We hope that these measures, amongst others, will give you a safe and secure user experience. If there are any questions or issues with any of this, or any queries, then please contact us.


The Lend Loan Invest Administration Team